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Dear Editor,

It is with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation that I am writing this letter to you regarding the Chambersburg Civil War Seminars and Tours, an affiliate of the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce. I was awarded the Scott Hosier Scholarship in late July, which allowed me to attend the “Terror on the Border: Summer of 1864” weekend. As a college student with many expenses, this scholarship gave me an opportunity that may have otherwise been impossible.

I am currently a sophomore at Lycoming College, where I double major in History and American Studies. Although I cover a wide variety of topics in my studies, learning about the Civil War is my passion. I spent my summer interning at Antietam Battlefield and the Gettysburg Seminary Ridge Museum to supplement my studies. Although these were both very enriching experiences, they cannot compare to the knowledge I acquired during my time spent at the “Terror on the Border” weekend. Touring battlefields with Civil War experts and listening to them speak on their topic at Wilson College not only provided me with new perspectives, it also gave me a new found motivation to push even harder in my studies.

As a lifelong resident of Waynesboro, the seminar was especially valuable. Learning how the area that I have grown up in was affected by the Civil War enriched how I view the heritage of our area. I believe that residents of this area would greatly benefit from the information I learned during my time at the “Terror on the Border” weekend. Personally, it helped me connect our local heritage to a larger scale.

In closing, my time spent with the Chambersburg Civil War Seminars and Tours at the “Terror on the Border” weekend stemming from the generous Scott Hosier scholarship was invaluable, and for that, I am extremely appreciative.

Thank you for your time.


Rebecca Reed

Lycoming College