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The Ransom of Chambersburg Print

Chambersburg Civil War

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“The Ransom of Chambersburg” painting commemorates the 150th Anniversary of Brig. Gen. John McCausland’s ransom demand on the Courthouse steps on July 30, 1864 in Chambersburg. The Chamber commissioned historical artist Jeff Trexler to depict the scene in collaboration with historical consultant, Ted Alexander. A total of 150 signed and numbered prints are available for purchase at $100 each at the Heritage Center Gift Shop. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to support Civil War battlefield preservation.

The first of its kind, no other piece of artwork has ever been commissioned to depict the Chambersburg ransom demand. Historian Ted Alexander provided information on the personalities involved in the incident as well as data on uniforms and other aspects of the scene.

In the painting, General Bradley Johnson, McCausland’s second in command, is behind the General. He was from Frederick, Md. To the right of Johnson is McCausland’s aide, Captain Fitzhugh. On horseback in the plumed hat is Major Harry Gilmor, a noted raider and native of Baltimore. The citizen delegation to the left of McCausland was composed of prominent citizens such as lawyers and businessmen.

When the ransom demand was not met, the town was put to the torch. More than 500 homes, businesses and out buildings were destroyed in the fire.

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On this 4 disc set you will hear directly from the man who some have called our greatest living national treasure. You will hear Civil War stories and more, as Ed discusses his serious wounding int he Pacific in WWII, his work on the Battle of Brice’s Crossroads, his work salvaging the U.S.S. Cairo, and his personal discussion with LBJ in the planning and acquisition of the LBJ Ranch for the National Park Service.
4 Disc Set Includes:
“Suicide Creek,” “Worse than Guadacanal:” The Wounding of Ed Bearss, January 2, 1944
How Not to Raise a Gunboat: The Salvaging and Restoration of the U.S.S. Cairo
Forrest at Brice’s Crossroads, Putting the Scare on the Yankees
Me and LBJ, Ed’s Interviews with President JohnsonEd Bearss lecture