Civil War Seminars

Civil War Tour Testimonials

“This was one of the best seminars I have attended! The Friday talks and speakers are the top Civil War historians. It doesn’t get any better! The tours were first class, Eric Wittenberg never disappoints and Bob O’Neil did a great job of explaining the running battles. See you and everyone next summer! -Ed F., New York, Roads to Gettysburg 2018 Civil War Tour Attendee

“This is the 3rd seminar I have been to. All three were very good. I hope to come to at least one per year!”  - Dansby C., Georgia, Roads to Gettysburg, 2018 Civil War Tour Attendee

“Another great seminar thanks to the hard work of the organizers and presenters. Also, always love the opportunity to buy books. Great information, great people and great food – what more could we want? ” -Donna M., Pennsylvania, Ed Bearss Symposium 2018 Civil War Tour Attendee

“I really enjoyed every aspect of the seminar and tours, especially the hands on at Civil War Museum in Harrisburg. Nice to see French & Indian sites which are pretty much isolated and brobably not located in a central location like Gettsbyrug or Baltimore. See you in July! - John N. , Illinois, Ed Bearss Symposium 2018 Civil War Tour Attendee

“Seminar and tours were great. Meeting lots of new people was great also. Always an enjoyable weekend. Really appreciate all your hard work in organizing the tours.” - Nancy C., Pennsylvania, Ed Bearss Symposium 2018 Civil War Tour Attendee

“This was my 4th Chambersburg seminar and I thought the lectures were the best. Consistently interesting and ranging from good to excellent. The Saturday night talk by Mike Gorman was outstanding.” – Mark S., Connecticut, End of the War 2015 Civil War Tour Attendee

“Great seminar! The speakers were top notch. I had never been to the D.C. Civil War sites, so this was a real treat. We were able to drive up the driveway to Dr. Mudd’s House, which was nice to see. Great job team – Ted, Scott, & Lark.” - Gail D., Massachusetts, Lincoln 2015 Civil War Tour

Chambersburg Civil War Seminars & Tours hosts Civil War tours led by nationally recognized historians since 1989.