“This was outstanding and exceeded all of my expectations.” – Bill Buchanan, Brandywine Valley Civil War Round Table, April 2014 seminar attendee

“As a first timer to your Civil War Seminars let me say all aspects were terrific. The motel, restaurant, meeting room were the same. The job you all are doing with Mr. Sciamanna and the Chamber is outstanding. It’s rewarding to see so much money raised for Civil War preservation. I think bringing everybody together for an included dinner is a perfect idea for building friendships and camaraderie. You very seldom see that on other tours, it’s a great idea.” – Rick Timko, Pennsylvania, April 2014 seminar attendee

“A great seminar weekend! It was a wonderful thing to do a tribute to Ed – very well done, well organized, informative, creative, and fun – thank you!” – Pat Eker, New Mexico, April 2014 seminar attendee

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and to pay tribute to your efforts and the other members for an outstanding event in the “Weekend with Ed Bearss.” I am the guy whose wife bought him the weekend as a birthday gift, and let me underscore here what a great gift it truly was, including all of the talks, the bus trip and walking tours, the dinners and the recommended hotel. We could not have had a better time!” – Stan Prager, Massachusetts, April 2014 seminar attendee

“It doesn’t get any better than this!” – Ed Flanagan, Nassau County Civil War Round Table, April 2014 seminar

“After having been on quite a few tours with the Ed Bearrs, the Superb, and having listened to his lectures many times, on CD,  tape, DVD and on line, the immensity and scope of his knowledge, from the minute detail of regimental-level troop movements right on up to the overall military, political and cultural tapestry of the entire four years of war, never ceases to astound me. Just as important and amazing is his narrative gift and his knack for poignant personal details. And having on hand all the other great historians, who Ed has mentored through the years, for the weekend was the icing on the cake.” – Bob Allen, Maryland, April 2014 seminar


Chambersburg Civil War Seminars & Tours hosts Civil War tours led by nationally recognized historians since 1989.